BTS Jungkook Praises South Korea’s Delivery Service, And Understandably So

You can even get pork belly delivered to your door!

BTS‘s Jungkook recently held a live broadcast session during which he declared his love for his home country and its delivery system.

While enjoying a glass of wine with his viewers, Jungkook confessed that his favorite food was pork, especially samgyeobsal, or pork belly.

I can confidentally say, my favorite food is pork. Samgyeobsal (3-layer pork belly) or ohgyeobsal (5-layer pork belly). I think they’re the most delicious food in the world. I can eat it every day for an entire week.

ㅡ Jungkook


He then began to introduce how convenient the delivery system has become in Korea these days.

These days, delivery service or restaurants have evolved a lot. I don’t even have to make a call. With my smartphone, with a little bit of typing, I can get pork belly right in front of me. It’s like magic. It’s a miracle.

ㅡ Jungkook


And thanks to this convenient service, he confessed that he’s even eaten it every day one time, once a day for a week.


Getting excited about talking about his favorite food, he began to list all the different types of pork belly there are.

Also, they sell various types of pork belly. They sell seasoned pork belly, also original pork belly, pork belly with garlic. So many kinds.

ㅡ Jungkook


He continued to explain that with pork belly, you can have an extremely balanced meal.

They even serve lettuce with pork belly. It means, you can also eat vegetables, protein and a little bit of fat. And vegetables and carbohydrates.

ㅡ Jungkook


He declared that considering the beauty of delivered pork belly and all the side dishes that it comes with, Korea has the best delivery system in the world.

Which country has the best delivery service? It’s Korea. We’re the king of delivery service. You can order anything 24/7. There’s nothing you can’t order. Korea is perfect.

ㅡ Jungkook


He finally concluded by saying that he was extremely proud to be born in Korea and made a toast in celebration!


Jungkook simply couldn’t praise Korea’s delivery system and pork belly enough! Check out his full live broadcast below:

Source: Dispatch