“What’s It Like Working With BTS’s Jungkook?” — Producer RedOne Gets Honest About His Experience Working On “Dreamers”

The multi-Grammys producer couldn’t stop spilling on the idol’s influence!

When it comes to BTS‘s Jungkook, there is a neverending line of people ready to praise the idol for his talent and personality.

BTS’s Jungkook | @Jungkook.97/Instagram

Throughout the years, Jungkook has wowed fans with his visuals, talent, and charisma in everything he does.

In particular, the idol captured the hearts of global fans when he showcased his skills on a global stage when performing his track “Dreamers” at the World Cup opening ceremony in Qatar.

Jungkook’s World Cup performance | FIFA/YouTube

| FIFA/YouTube   

Alongside an amazing performance, netizens loved the fact that Jungkook was listed on the writing credits and participated in such a global track.

Recently, producer RedOne, who worked with Jungkook on the song, sat down for an interview and spoke all about the track.

During the interview, RedOne revealed how surprised he was about the success of the track, particularly compared to the past history of World Cup tracks.

It’s the first time ever in history that a World Cup song did this well on the first day of release. It charted no. 1 on music charts in over 100 countries. We’ve just started, and the music video is doing great, with almost 20 million views in two days. It’s unbelievable, and so it’s the power of music and football together.

— RedOne

In particular, the producer couldn’t stop praising Jungkook throughout the interview.

Jungkook was like a professional, ‘How do you want me to do this?’, ‘Is this the way to sing this part?‘ and so on. It was quick, and we got it done, and it sounded amazing. No headaches.

— RedOne

If that wasn’t enough, the producer couldn’t stop praising the success of the song, knowing that, without promotions, the success showed the popularity of Jungkook.

With no promotions, it’s just been the performance at the World Cup. This song is number one, that’s how much he is loved, and that’s how much he and the song are doing good. I’m very blessed to have been part of this.

— RedOne

It isn’t the first time that those working with Jungkook on the song have praised the idol. When the music video was posted for the track, dancers and a digital creator shared their honest opinions on the idol and how much they enjoyed working with him.


As expected, Jungkook continues to impress everyone he works with. Even as one of the biggest idols in the world, Jungkook continues to work hard as he did after debuting, wowing people with his talent and dedication to music.

You can read more about Jungkook’s real personality being revealed while working on “Dreamers” below.

Staff Reveal Their Honest Experiences Of Working With BTS’s Jungkook On The “Dreamers” Music Video

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