Hawk-Eyed ARMYs Spot Spoilers In BTS Jungkook’s “Proof of Inspiration” Video

It’s hiding in plain sight.

With each new “Proof of Inspiration” video release, the excitement for BTS‘s new anthology album, PROOF, rises higher. As always, fans are on high alert for spoilers, and it looks like they might have found them!


Today, BigHit Music released the fourth “Proof of Inspiration” video, starring Jungkook. In it, Jungkook talked about the songs he chose for PROOF‘s tracklist as well as his relationship with ARMY.


While watching the video, fans noticed an unfamiliar setting. At first glance, it’s easy to mistake this landscape for the location in BTS’s “Permission to Dance” MV.

BTS’s Jimin in “Permission to Dance” MV | HYBE Labels/YouTube

The truth, however, is in the details. As some fans have pointed out, the members’ outfits and hair colors differ from those in “Permission to Dance” MV. Suga, for example, has blue hair in the music video…

BTS’s Suga | HYBE Labels/YouTube

…but his hair is black in Jungkook’s “Proof of Inspiration.”


BTS can also be seen using mic stands that were not present in the “Permission to Dance” MV. So, where is this mystery location?

BTS’s Jungkook | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

BTS might have filmed new content while in Las Vegas, Nevada for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concerts.

This desert, which could be the Mojave Desert, also appears in Jimin’s “Proof of Inspiration” video.


Could this be the first sneak peek at BTS’s “Yet to Come” music video?


For now, we only have theories, but the “proof” will be here soon enough! “Yet to Come” drops at midnight (ET) on June 10. Watch the PROOF teaser here.