What’s BTS’s Jungkook Doing In Qatar? Fans Share Unedited Moments Hinting At His Schedules

It was only a short trip, but Jungkook made the most of it!

Wherever BTS‘s Jungkook goes, he gains attention for his flawless visuals and true personality, even if it’s a completely new country. No matter where he is, ARMYs want to know what the group’s youngest member is doing, and luckily, there are always fans ready with updates.

On October 24, Jungkook surprised fans when it was announced that the idol was heading to Qatar for solo promotions. As expected, he looked flawless with his visuals and charming personality.

When he arrived in Qatar, even low-quality pictures showcased Jungkook’s amazing IRL visuals.

Well, it seems like less than 24 hours after landing, Jungkook has been busy in Qatar. Videos from those in Qatar shared videos of Jungkook wandering the streets of Qatar for what looked like a schedule.

In the videos, Jungkook looked flawless in a white jacket, and although the videos weren’t the best quality, their unedited nature showcased just how dazzling the idol looks in real life.

Screenshots and other pictures of Jungkook also show off the idol’s visuals.

| @deadstr0y/Twitter
| @deadstr0y/Twitter

Yet, he wasn’t just enjoying some time in the country. Netizens shared that they spotted Jungkook filming something while he was out. In particular, fans shared images of Jungkook, who seemed to be dancing. Although nobody is certain what it was for, many assume it might have to do with the upcoming World Cup.

| @jkcavi/Twitter
| @jkcavi/Twitter
| @jkcavi/Twitter
| @jkcavi/Twitter

Even though he was busy, Jungkook made sure to interact with ARMYs who had come to see him. One fan shared that they had gone to see Jungkook and had taken some of their BTS merch. According to the OP, Jungkook noticed them and smiled.

As expected, throughout his entire time in Qatar, the idol was surrounded by security.

Yet, it seems like that video might have been the purpose of his visit. Not long after the videos and photos were shared, another fan in Qatar explained that they saw the idol leaving his hotel and heading for the airport.

Even though it might have been a short visit, Jungkook definitely captured the hearts of ARMYs and the citizens of Qatar. Even with low-quality shots, Jungkook truly shined with his visuals and personality. It isn’t surprising that he’s one of the most popular idols.

You can read more about unedited images showing Jungkook’s IRL visuals in Qatar below.

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