BTS’s Jungkook Receives Noise Complaint From Neighbors

Jungkook has thrilled fans with his singing on his livestreams.

BTS‘s Jungkook revealed some bad news.

Jungkook | Mydaily

On May 25, Jungkook held a livestream. Recently, the idol held several livestreams to communicate with fans. Fans loved the intimate livestreams that showed different sides of the idol, who once even fell asleep with the livestream on.

One of the hallmarks of the idol’s livestream is his singing. On many occasions, the idol shared music he was a fan of and would even sing to fans.

Fans who enjoyed the livestreams likened them to free concerts, but unfortunately, it seems Jungkook’s livestream tour may have had unwanted consequences.

On this day, Jungkook, who brought out his karaoke mic, revealed that his neighbors had filed a noise complaint and, therefore, he wasn’t able to sing loudly anymore. The idol then apologized to his neighbors and lowered the volume of his mic.

Jungkook then proceeded to sing FIFTY FIFTY‘s
“Cupid.” Jungkook, out of consideration for his neighbors, sang more softly than usual, to which fans praised the idol’s softly sung rendition.

Hopefully Jungkook and his neighbors will be able to come to a compromise.

Source: tv report