“How Old Am I?”: BTS’s Jungkook Responds To Criticism On The Explicit Version Of “SEVEN”

Few have faced as much scrutiny regarding his personal evolution as Jungkook.

Since the meteoric rise of BTS, the world has seen its members grow from budding artists into global superstars. However, few have faced as much scrutiny regarding his personal evolution as the group’s youngest member, Jungkook.

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In a recent intimate conversation with DAZED, the singer addressed his metamorphosis both as an individual and an artist, highlighting his journey from the “bunny-ish” maknae of BTS to a mature solo artist.


Jungkook’s evolution hasn’t been subtle. He’s pierced his eyebrow and lip, flaunted multiple tattoos, taken up boxing, and grown out his hair. Yet, underneath these physical transformations lies a deep, emotional connection with ARMYs.

I need to tell people who love me, ‘I am like this.’ I’m not forcing anyone.

— BTS’s Jungkook

This sentiment was particularly palpable in his debut single, “SEVEN,” which garnered some mixed reactions due to its explicit version. Critics and fans alike have debated the inclusion of mature lyrics, with lines that are notably more risqué than anything BTS has ever produced.

And that’s why night after night, I’ll be fuckin’ you right.

— BTS’s Jungkook in “SEVEN”


In response to those questioning his decision, Jungkook pointed out his age and the progression of life, subtly urging fans to remember that artists, like all individuals, grow and evolve.

If you felt [it] like that, there’s nothing I can do… And if you think about it, how old am I?

— BTS’s Jungkook


However, it’s crucial to understand that these choices aren’t just for shock value. They stem from a deep-seated need for self-expression and breaking out of the mold. The decision to break away from his previously cultivated image was neither impromptu nor a rebellion against his BTS image. It was, in his own words, a reflection of who he is now.

[‘SEVEN’] wasn’t me trying to break away from my image. It was important for me to show how much I’ve grown as a solo artist through taking on new challenges.

— BTS’s Jungkook


Jungkook’s solo endeavors reflect his pursuit of authenticity, a search for an identity beyond the “baby-of-the-group” label he’s been tagged with since BTS’s inception. It’s a journey that every artist — especially those who began their careers at such a young age — must embark upon.

Jungkook debuted with BTS in 2013, aged only 16. | BIGHIT MUSIC

Jungkook’s evolution offers a great lesson in the artist-fan relationship, emphasizing the need for understanding and space. Just as fans seek solace and understanding in the music of their favorite artists, artists, too, are humans searching for their voice and craving acceptance for who they genuinely are.


While changes are always met with resistance, it’s imperative for ARMYs and the larger global community to understand the essence of an artist’s evolution. Jungkook’s transparency, vulnerability, and fearless exploration of his identity should be celebrated — not criticized.

Source: DAZED