BTS’s Jungkook Has The Best Response To A Male ARMY Asking Him To Show His Abs

Male ARMYs are definitely winning!

BTS has just finished four shows in Las Vegas for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows. During their time in America, the group created so many special memories for fans, and it seems like the shows were especially great for BTS fanboys who became the stars of the show.

Members of BTS | @bighit/Twitter

Many K-Pop fans are used to media often portraying them as stereotypical teenage fangirls, and ARMYs are no exception. James Corden received backlash when he made a joke about BTS’s UN General Assembly appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Well, it seems like BTS is now proving that their fans are so diverse and want to embrace that. From the very beginning of the shows, BTS made sure that all the ARMYs attending felt included in the show.

V gained the attention of netizens worldwide while speaking to the crowd. As expected, V encouraged fans to scream, but he did so by first having the female fans scream and then encouraging the male fans to scream. The group also had the most wholesome reaction to hearing how many male ARMYs were in the house.

| @sweetdestruxion/Twitter

| @sweetdestruxion/Twitter   

Recently, one clip caught the attention of ARMYs and it’s all after seeing a reaction from Jungkook to this fan’s request. While the members were traveling around the arena in their orange carts, a video was shared of a male ARMY asking Jungkook to show his abs.

| @jeonjkloops/ Twitter

Although Jungkook hasn’t been a stranger to sharing his abs during the show at a fan’s request…

This time, Jungkook didn’t want to give ARMYs anything else to get excited about. Yet, rather than ignoring the fan, Jungkook cutely shook his finger and cutely started laughing as he turned away from the fan and started singing again.

| @jeonjkloops/ Twitter 

When the video was tweeted, netizens couldn’t get over his reaction to the fan and couldn’t get over how adorable his reaction was to the male ARMY.

In fact, it seems like the ARMY himself didn’t realize what happened as he actually commented under the video that he couldn’t believe that Jungkook actually noticed him.

It isn’t the first time a male ARMY caught the attention of netizens by asking Jungkook to showcase his physique. During one of the earlier shows, while traveling by cart across the stadium, Jungkook spotted this hilarious fanboy hiking up his shirt.

| @ilykv_/Twitter

That time, the ARMY was lucky because how did he react? By flashing him back to the beat of the song!

It seems like PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS was really a win for male ARMYs, and the group has proven just how diverse and inclusive the fandom is. You can read more about Jungkook’s interactions with fanboys below.

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Source: @jeonjkloops