Restaurant Owner Puts To Rest Rumors Of BTS’s Jungkook Going On A Dinner Date With A Woman

Things were cleared up pretty quickly.

In November last year, rumors were spread around online that BTS‘s Jungkook had been seen in a famous meat restaurant in Jeju. While that news alone didn’t gain much attention due to its non-scandalous nature, a picture that was recently revealed that was allegedly taken during his visit has gone fairly viral.


That’s because in the photo, Jungkook appears to be sitting next to a woman while dining in the restaurant. And of course, as with any photo taken by a random netizen of a male idol seen with a woman, dating rumors began to spring up.

Alleged photo of Jungkook and a woman at the restaurant | Pann Nate

With so many theories going around speculating that Jungkook had been on a date with his apparent girlfriend, the owner of the restaurant, Song Mingyu, was contacted about the matter to try and clear things up.


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Fortunately for everyone involved, the restaurant owner was quick to respond to the netizen’s questions about the woman that Jungkook was seen there with. According to him, the woman was an older staff member (even referred to as an ajumma), and that Jungkook was there with her and three other men, also presumably part of BTS’s staff.

Conversation between netizen and restaurant owner

This is far from the first time that a single photo — or even less evidence — has led to a dating rumor for Jungkook or other BTS members, and given just how popular they are, it’s unlikely to be the last.


Netizens have reacted to the rumors and subsequent clarifications with distaste for those who spread the photo and began rumors in the first place.

  • “Jungkook can’t even eat his meat peacefully for everyone to turn anyone who is sitting next to him to his girlfriend. It’s freaking pitiful”
  • “Now that we have a clear post with proofs like this out, the trolls won’t be able to diss him dumbly in the future”
  • “I cannot believe some ifan DMed the restaurant owner to bug him about Jungkook lmao. He was way more polite about it than necessary”
  • “First a monk leaking his and RM’s private conversation to the media and now this… BTS just can’t catch a break it’s pretty sad…”
  • “Even if it was his girlfriend, so what? He’s 10 years into his career now let him live omg”
  • “So basically fans and antis are stalking Jungkook cause that’s all I’m getting from this”
  • “I think it’s funny how people want to show how desperately that he’s dating, but also how his fandom is so desperate to show that he is not dating. Let him be, he’s 25 years old”

With how absent Jungkook has chosen to be from the public in general and online, we hope that he can continue to live his life as peacefully as possible without such exaggerated rumors getting to him!

Source: Pann Nate