BTS’s Jungkook Ripped His Pants Mid-Concert And He Didn’t Hesitate To Inform ARMYs Right Away

His members tried to stop him but he didn’t hesitate for a reason.

BTS held their final concerts for their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour in Seoul. And right near the end of their concert, Jungkook had a special story that he just had to share with his fans!


Fans noticed that Jungkook suddenly bent down and checked out his pants on stage. He immediately shot right back up with the most mysterious smile on his face…


As soon as he was given the opportunity to talk with ARMY, he personally confessed that he had ripped his pants by dancing too hard!

I worked really hard today. After MIC Drop, I went down to wait and my pants felt cold… It was because I worked really hard.

That’s why I’ve been keeping my legs closed

— Jungkook


True to his words, Jungkook walked like a cute penguin to keep his legs together after discovering his rip!


While Jungkook was “proudly” confessing his wardrobe malfunction, Jin and the other members tried to stop him from sharing something so personal.

But Jungkook continued on with his story claiming that it was okay because ARMYs are family!

“Why? Why? They’re family!”

— Jungkook


Who can ever stop this adorable bunny from sharing every single detail of his life with his family, ARMY?!

Source: Top Star News