BTS’s Jungkook And RM Imitate V’s Iconic “Tata Mic” Face

Their impressions are super accurate!

BTS V‘s legendary “Tata Mic” face made a surprise comeback during a recent live stream!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

On March 19, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook all did a live stream together.


The live stream was full of iconic moments, like V’s adorable attempt to stifle his yawn.

One of the most memorable moments from the live stream was when Jungkook and RM imitated V’s “Tata Mic” face. The face is named after the time when V tried to trick the staff into giving him a Tata microphone during 2021 FESTA.

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Since then, V has made the “Tata Mic” face a number of times.

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It seems as if the members have gotten quite used to seeing the “Tata Mic” face because Jungkook and RM perfectly imitated it during the live stream. During the live stream, the members pointed out that V often makes the face when he wants to do or say something.

Then, RM and Jungkook started imitating V’s “Tata Mic” face. RM imitated V’s eyebrows and his adorable sway while Jungkook imitated V’s overall facial expression and swayed like V sways when he makes the face.

ARMYs thought RM and Jungkook’s imitations were spot-on!