BTS Shippers Are Losing Their Minds Over 7FATES: CHAKHO Spoilers

“I just feel like I’ve fallen in love.”

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BTS‘s brand new story has just begun, but it’s already leaving fans with more questions than answers!

7FATES: CHAKHO is an urban fantasy webtoon, starring BTS’s members as fictional characters: RM (Do Geon), Jin (Hwan), Suga (Cein), J-Hope (Hosu), Jimin (Haru), (Jooan), and Jungkook (Zeha). Together, these warriors band to hunt down tiger-like, supernatural beings called “beom.”

It’s the day of visitors.
But the visitors to Sin-si are unwelcomed, vengeful beom.
Unforgotten animosity fills the air and rage collides, soaking the ground with blood.
Seven boys take up their weapons to end this fight, once and for all.

— HYBE_STORIES’ official synopsis

Like BTS’s previous webtoon, SAVE ME7FATES: CHAKHO is a work of fiction. BTS’s characters are modeled off the members, physically, but their characters’ stories do not reflect BTS’s true feelings, lives, or family backgrounds.

V’s SAVE ME character, who shares his real name, Kim Taehyung, kills his abusive father. | Webtoon

7FATES: CHAKHO is available in two formats: an illustrated webtoon on the Webtoon app, and a text-only tale on Wattpad.

On Wattpad, new chapters will be released for free on Fridays at 9 PM ET, but paying users can unlock chapters ahead of time. (Warning! There will be spoilers past this point!)

An excerpt from Chapter 6 is now making the rounds online and giving shippers a collective heart attack. In it, Jungkook’s Zeha has a rather unexpected encounter with RM’s Do Geon.

His heart pounded the moment their eyes met. It was more like a blood-surging experience to be precise. Something that Zeha had never felt before course through his veins.

What’s wrong with me? Am I crazy?

It was embarrassing to have such feelings over a man.

— 7FATES: CHAKHO, Chapter 6

It turns out Zeha wasn’t the only one feeling something in that moment. Do Geon said to him, “I just feel like I’ve fallen in love.” 

Zeha widened his eyes. It amazed him that they were feeling the same thing.

— 7FATES: CHAKHO, Chapter 6

Wait. What?




Suffice to say, both characters were a little confused by their mutual connection.

‘What’s going on?’

‘I, I’m not interested in men!’

Do Geon laughed.

‘Neither am I. Anyway.’

—  7FATES: CHAKHO, Chapter 6

Anyway? He’s just going to leave it at that? Well, okay then.

It seems like HYBE‘s writers are having just as much fun with 7FATES: CHAKHO as fans are. What other plot twists are in store? Keep reading to find out!

Source: Wattpad