BTS’s “Kingsman Jungkook” Is Coming, And Nobody Is Ready For It

A new teaser is getting fans exciting for what’s to come.

Who can break the internet in five seconds or less? BTS‘s Jungkook, aka the newest Kingsman.

On September 7, Samsung Mobile released this stylish group photo, followed by solo shots of each member holding the Galaxy Note 20.

Now, Samsung Mobile is advising everyone to “suit up” because something big is on the way, and Jungkook is bringing it. The Golden Maknae stars in a new cinematic teaser for “The Strang Tailor Shop”, a video that seems to be referencing the Kingsman Tailor Shop from the 2014 film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

BTS have been huge fans of the film since its release, so it’s no surprise that a Kingsman is concept is possibly making its way into a BTS x Samsung project.

How are fans reacting? It’s the usual mix of confusion, stress, and excitement that comes with BTS’s surprises. Are you ready to visit “The Strange Tailor Shop”?