Double Standard? BTS’s Jungkook Doesn’t Follow His Own Advice When He Tells ARMYs Not To Curse During Listening Party 

It was chaos!

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

BTS‘s Jungkook hosted another listening part via Stationhead for his new single “Seven,” featuring Latto!

During the listening party, Jungkook taught ARMYs the Korean equivalents of popular English words and phrases, including “slay.” Yet, he struggled to think of a Korean word for “dayum (damn).”

As Jungkook attempted to think of a Korean equivalent for “dayum,” ARMYs made suggestions. The most popular choice was “시발, 씨발 – Ssibal, Shibal.” 

Soon enough, the chat was flooded with ARMYs commenting “ssibal” or “shibal.” Instantly, Jungkook went into a panic.

He was shocked to see ARMYs cursing so much in the chat. Jungkook initially asked why they were doing it. Continually, he shouted at them to “stop it” and “calm down” with no luck.

Jungkook’s reactions to the cursing went viral across social media. ARMYs were especially amused that he nearly exclaimed, “What the f*ck?!” amidst his panic over ARMYs cursing.

Since ARMYs continued to do it despite Jungkook’s pleas, he finally gave up. He did have a laugh by the end, saying the fandom was funny.

We’re sorry, Jungkook. But we did learn from the best, Suga, a.k.a. Agust D, himself!


armys keep saying SHIBAL while jungkook is panicking #bts #bangtan #jungkook #jeonjungkook #minyoongi #yoongi #suga #meanyoongi0309

♬ original sound – ᵃ ʸ ᵇ ᵃ ⁿ – ᶜ ʰ ˡ ˡ ˣ ᵉ ᵈ ⁱ ᵗ ˢ

Besides, was the streaming party not for Jungkook’s new song that is explicitly about f*cking? Where is this line drawn, and why is it so thin?

We know you’re not that innocent, Jungkook!


Say it again 👽 #jungkook #funny #fyp

♬ Thinking with My Dick (feat. Juicy J) – Kevin Gates

To be fair, the reason why Jungkook has what appears to be a “double standard” comes to context and definitions. In “Seven,” Jungkook is singing about sex (duh). The definition of “f*ck” is sex, but it is vulgar and henceforth can be used offensively and directed toward people as a curse.

On the other hand, “시발, 씨발 – Ssibal, Shibal” is usually translated as “f*ck” or even “sh*t.” The main difference between it and “f*ck” is that it doesn’t really have another meaning, such as “sex,” besides cursing. And depending on the context, it basically equates to straight-up “f*ck you!” This is why Jungkook was so alarmed because, on the receiving end, it appeared his fans were cussing him out!

| Urban Dictionary

Although, interestingly, the origins of “시발, 씨발 – Ssibal, Shibal,” like “f*ck,” does originate from sex!

| Wikipedia

So, the more you know.

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