“Let Me Do It” — A BTS Member Wanted Jungkook’s “Seven” For Himself

Jungkook was amused at how much they liked the song too.

During preparations for his hit solo debut, BTS‘s Jungkook admitted to choosing “Seven” because of the “grown-upimage it gave off. It wasn’t the only reason.

Jungkook | Yonhap News

During his appearance on Suga‘s Suchwita, Jungkook knew it was meant for him from the first listen, “I got the song, and I loved it.” He wasn’t the only member who enjoyed it, though.

There was another BTS member who wouldn’t have minded taking the song for himself.

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After hearing Jungkook explain what drew him to “Seven”, Suga admitted, “If I had heard this song, I would’ve done it myself.

Making Jungkook laugh, the rapper revealed how far he would’ve gone to have it. He said, “I’d have been like, ‘Let me do it. I’ll sing it in English.’

If Suga would’ve tapped into his vocalist side just to sing “Seven”, he truly loved the song as much as Jungkook.