Suit Designer Flexes At BTS Jungkook’s “Funeral”

May he rest in peace…Anyway, buy this suit. 😂

Is romance dead? Not if BTS‘s Jungkook has anything to say about it!

BTS’s Jungkook | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

The Golden Maknae just released “Seven,” a sizzling-hot solo song that’s making pant–er, I mean–jaws drop.

In the music video, which co-stars actress Han So Hee, Jungkook wears outfits that range from “that guy your parents warned you about”…

Jungkook and Han So Hee | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

…to “please take it off.” (Because we don’t want him to catch a cold. Obviously…)


Even while in a casket, Jungkook looks drop-dead gorgeous. In an effort to win back his girl, he fakes his own death while wearing this dapper, black suit by Tailorable.

| @tailorable/Instagram

Now, Tailorable is gaining attention for its funny “flex.” On Instagram, the brand posted a screenshot from the “Seven” MV and included details about Jungkook’s suit in the caption.

BTS Jung Kook released the new song “Seven”. He wearing our chalk stripe British cut suit in his official MV.

— @tailorable

Since this wedding suit is normally worn for, well, weddings, Jungkook’s “funeral” photo looks hilariously out of place on Tailorable’s account…

| @tailorable/Instagram

…but netizens are living (dying?) for it!

A selection of comments on Tailorable’s post. | @tailorable/Instagram

Speaking of dead-sexy people, check out Han So Hee’s latest photoshoot here:

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