BTS Jungkook’s See-Through Shirt Has Everyone Feeling Thirsty

Jungkook’s muscles and see-through shirt combo left fans reeling.

Even though BTS‘s Jungkook is the youngest member, that doesn’t stop him from attacking fans with his sexy side. In behind-the-scenes clips from a recent performance, his see-through shirt made ARMYs go wild.


For the group’s performance of their hit “Butter” at SiriusXM, newly released clips had fans losing their minds once they realized Jungkook had been wearing a see-through shirt for the stage.

Taking the sexy look to the next level, the shirt showed off Jungkook’s muscles so well that fans couldn’t resist expressing how well it suited him.

Thousands of fans were left feeling attacked by Jungkook’s sexiness, jokingly admiring his muscles with the phrase “big heart.”

All that time Jungkook has been spending in the gym is paying off because no one could make a see-through shirt look so good.

Check out Jungkook’s sexiness that had fans feeling a bit parched.