ARMYs Go Into Meltdown After BTS Jungkook’s Full Sleeve Tattoo Is Finally Exposed In The “2021 MUSTER SOWOOZO” DVD

Does Jungkook live at the tattoo shop?

South Korean society has quite traditional views on certain topics, and one of those is tattoos. Even though it isn’t illegal to have tattoos, they generally aren’t promoted, and only professional doctors are allowed to open parlors for citizens to get them done.

Yet, one idol who has definitely changed perceptions on the topic is BTS‘s Jungkook.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

Back in 2019, Jungkook shocked fans and started the biggest ARMY investigation when everyone wondered whether the letters spelling “ARMY” and various other logos and images were real tattoos… which it turns out they were!

Some of the first pictures of Jungkook and his tattoos

Since then, Jungkook hasn’t been shy about showcasing his tattoos, and fans are always excited to see what the idol has next up his sleeve *literally*.

Well, it seems like netizens have recently gone into another meltdown about Jungkook’s tattoos. In April, it was revealed that the group’s 2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO event would be coming on DVD and some lucky ARMYs have already got their copy and have been sharing clips.


In particular, one clip that seems to be going viral on the internet is of Jungkook and the illustrious tattoos that netizens can’t get enough of.

During the DVD, ARMY is taken backstage throughout the event, showing the members in the fitting rooms and what they’re like after finishing a performance, which is literally TMI central!

Jungkook was no exception. After performing one of the tracks, the group’s youngest member walked into the backstage area wearing a black tank top and showcasing all of his sleeve tattoos for ARMYs.

Although ARMYs have seen Jungkook’s tattoos before, this was the first time that the whole sleeve (including the shoulder) had been exposed. Of course, it meant that the entire internet was sent into meltdown, and the phrase “JEON JUNGKOOK” was unsurprisingly trending.

Yet, the concert was filmed back in June.

Netizens noticed that there’s been a lot more progress on Jungkook’s sleeve since then. In particular, one saw that the additions to Jungkook’s sleeve tattoo since last year meant that the sleeve is fully complete.

With one of his tattoo sleeves truly completed, netizens are wondering what the next step could be. Will Jungkook start on his other arm, or will he start making memories on other parts of his body? Only time will tell. Until then, he will continue to send the internet into meltdown with his ink.

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