BTS’s “Sold Out King” Jungkook Strikes Again With A Louis Vuitton Jacket

There is no end to his influence!

After becoming ambassadors for the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, BTS‘s Jungkook has cemented his title as the “Sold Out King!”

| Big Hit Entertainment

Jungkook has been referred to as the “Sold Out King,” after his ability to make any product that he uses sell out almost instantly, from the accessories he wears to what he drinks!

This time, Jungkook has managed to make a $2,850 Louis Vuitton jacket sell out in 29 countries!

| Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton ”70S DENIM JACKET” was worn by Jungkook when the group on the brand’s artistic director Virgil Abloh‘s Instagram story.

| @MagicStarJK/Twitter

Despite the shattering price, the jacket has sold out in all the countries that the company ships to, including Korea, United Kingdom, and Canada. It just proves the influence Jungkook has and how much people trust his fashion taste!

Will you be buying the jacket once it’s back in stock?

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