Jungkook Reveals Which BTS Song Shows His “True Self” And Why

He has many songs, but only one fits this description.

Jungkook pours his heart and soul into his music, but which song represents his “true self”?

During a Q&A game for Tokopedia, Jungkook asked his members to guess the answer. Is it “Euphoria”? “Begin”? What about “Your Eyes Tell?”

Answer: none of the above! Right away, Jin correctly guessed “My Time”, Jungkook’s solo track from MAP OF THE SOUL : 7. This song explores Jungkook’s seven-year transformation from trainee to world star as he looks back at the past while contemplating the future.

When asked for the reason why “My Time” represents Jungkook’s true self, Jin said, “Well, it was the song Jungkook made himself,” but that wasn’t good enough!

Jungkook has two other very personal solo songs, “Euphoria” and “Begin”, so why is “My Time” the right pick? Jin gave the most practical answer. “It’s your latest song!” he exclaimed.

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