BTS’s Jungkook Channels His Inner Spiderman And Has The Knowledge To Support It

Marvel, sign him up for the next film!

BTS‘s Jungkook seems to have several different nicknames from “Golden maknae,” “JK,” and “Kookie.” Yet, during the recent BANGTAN BOMB, Jungkook might have earned a new one, and he definitely has the knowledge to back it up!

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

During the video, while Jungkook was taking a rest from the schedule, Jungkook spotted a spider and, after getting very excited, started showcasing his inner “Spiderman,” and even treated ARMYs to a rendition of the theme tune.

There’s a spider here. It’s hanging here. Oh, it’s Spiderman, and it’s falling. It’s dangling from the web!

— Jungkook

Yet, even with the excitement, Jungkook also had the chance to showcase some of his knowledge about the creatures. It turns out that he definitely has the qualifications for a spider expert!

Did you know spiders can fly? When they’re moving, they climb up high ready about this much and then fall. That allows them to glide. They pull out this much webbing out of that tiny body.

— Jungkook

As well as his knowledge, Jungkook also revealed that he has dreamed about spiders in the past. If that isn’t a Spiderman quality, then what is?

I dreamed I was being chased by a spider. The spider kept spitting its web at me… it was a ginormous spider.

— Jungkook

RM later joined Jungkook and, after praising the maknae for his knowledge, the two reveled in the magnificent spider and the ability to spin so much despite being so small.

After the video was released, fans online couldn’t stop picturing Jungkook as Spiderman and shared their fan edits and proof he is indeed a superhero!

If Marvel ever wants to make a remake of Spiderman, then Jungkook should definitely be on the top of their list for potential. Make sure to watch the whole video below.