BTS’s Jungkook Teases ARMYs With More Release Plans For 2023

“After the single…”

BTS‘s Jungkook recently graced the latest episode of Suga‘s much-loved talk show, Suchwita, where he divulged his ambitious plans for the remainder of the year. This revelation comes in the wake of the global sensation’s latest single, “Seven,” a track that has been creating ripples worldwide.


In a candid chat with Suga, Jungkook discussed his upcoming projects, the meticulous preparation that goes into each release, and his relentless work ethic. “What’s next after the single?” Suga asked, prompting Jungkook to open up about his future endeavors.


While fans are already in awe of the sheer dedication the youngest member of BTS brings to his craft, his answer left them eagerly anticipating more.

After the single, I have another single. And then, I’ll be releasing a small mini album by November.

— BTS’s Jungkook


The news is music to the ears of ARMYs worldwide, who have been on the lookout for what’s next from the golden maknae of BTS. Though the artist acknowledged he’s yet to start working on the songs for the mini album, his commitment to delivering quality music reassures fans that the wait will indeed be worth it.

Suga: Are the songs for the album all ready then?

Jungkook: No, I have to start working on them now.


Discussing the success of his single, “Seven,” and the forthcoming one, Jungkook expressed his desire to find a song with a similar resonance for his second single. While he admitted that he hadn’t found it yet, knowing Jungkook’s perfectionist streak, fans can expect another musical masterpiece.

I think this single with become a huge, huge hit.

— BTS’s Suga about “Seven”


Ever the greatest host, Suga acknowledged the demanding schedule that Jungkook has set for himself, stating, “You must be busy then,” echoing the thoughts of fans who are well aware of the diligence and hard work behind each BTS release.


But Jungkook’s confession to his packed schedule is just another reminder of his passion for music and commitment to his fans — making the star’s musical journey all the more inspiring.


This episode of Suchwita has, no doubt, stirred up immense excitement among the BTS ARMY. As they keenly look forward to these forthcoming releases, they also continue to shower their unwavering support and love for Jungkook.


With a new single and a mini album in the pipeline, it seems the latter half of this year will be musically rich and thrilling. We can’t wait to see what the talented global superstar Jungkook has in store for fans and the rest of the world.