BTS’s Jungkook Has Three Dramatic Transformations For His Three Live Broadcasts

ARMYs definitely couldn’t get over the quick changes!

BTS‘s Jungkook is definitely a fashionista!

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Throughout the years, Jungkook has never failed to capture the hearts of netizens with his outfits, whether on stage, at schedules, or just when he’s got some time off.

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On March 16, Jungkook showcased his style after he surprised fans with a live broadcast.

Jungkook’s first broadcast | BTS/Weverse

In the broadcast, Jungkook looked extremely handsome with his floppy hair going into his eyes and a simple but *chef’s kiss* outfit with a simple black tank top and jacket.

| BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse 

Jungkook then shocked fans after revealing he was coming back for another part and with a new look. The second broadcast had very different vibes. While Jungkook looked relaxed and casual during the first broadcast, he couldn’t have looked more different.

Jungkook revealed a more professional look with a white shirt and his hair slicked back more.

Jungkook’s second broadcast | BTS/Weverse 

Of course, the look was more than professional and made Jungkook like that handsome AF office worker everyone has a crush on. He even teased fans after putting his long locks in a ponytail…

| BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse 

While ARMYs couldn’t hide their disappointment when Jungkook returned for part three not wearing a grey suit, the idol had hilariously decided to do a complete 180 with his outfit. While he started chilled and then went for a sleeker look, Jungkook suddenly took the phrase “cool” literally.

The idol started the third live broadcast and shocked fans by arriving dressed in a huge coat purple puffer coat and white hat.

Jungkook’s third broadcast | BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse 

Yet, despite his intentions to stay warm, it quickly went out of the window when he sent ARMYs into meltdown by teasing, “I’m not wearing anything under this, do you wanna see?”


| BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse  

While the final broadcast was being done, netizens couldn’t hide their reactions to Jungkook’s three very different outfits in the broadcast. Although it was three different ones, it was in the space of a few hours, and his years as an idol definitely prepared him for the quick changes.

It seems like each live broadcast done by Jungkook is more iconic than the last. With three outfits giving the broadcasts three different vibes, Jungkook truly makes an effort to give ARMYs the best content ever.

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