BTS’s Jungkook Produces Official OST “Film Out” For Upcoming Japanese Film “Signal” And Trends Worldwide

Producer Jungkook is back at it!

BTS’s new track “Film Out” has been confirmed to be the official soundtrack for the Japanese movie “Signal.”

This film adaptation is a spin-off of the Japanese TV drama series from 2018. The drama series was previously adopted from the original Korean tvN drama series in 2016.

BTS previously sang the drama OST for the Japanese drama with “Don’t Leave Me”, which also led them to sing the OST for the upcoming film as well.

| 宝MOVIEチャンネル/YouTube

As you can see in the credits, Jungkook’s name is seen between the brackets, which means he has writing credits for the track.

“Film Out” was produced by both Jungkook and Japanese rock band Back Number member Iyori Shimizu. Reports revealed that Jungkook suggested a new melody on top of Shimizu’s original melody line.

‘Film Out’ is a song that we made together with Shimizu and after we received the demo we were captured by the melody. The melody and the lyrics express an emotional pop ballad genre. We think this song will move many people’s hearts.

⁠— BTS

After the release of the teaser, ‘PROD JK’ began trending worldwide as fans showed their anticipation for the new track.

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Fans couldn’t be happier to have producer Jungkook back in action for the new year!

Check out the 90-second teaser to listen to the new song! This upcoming film plans to release in Japan in April 2021.

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