BTS Jungkook’s Hilarious And Honest Opinion On His Iconic “Triangle Kimbap” Hairstyle

What did you think of the look?

Since debuting in 2013, BTS‘s Jungkook has treated ARMYs to so many iconic hairstyles throughout his career. No matter what style he has, the idol seems to literally suit any cut and any color, making them the hottest trends in the industry.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

Whether it was his iconic long waves…

The classic mullet that easily sent ARMYs worldwide into meltdown…

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Or the classic “boy next door” look that everyone loved.

Yet, one look that will always be truly iconic and is sometimes massively underrated is the “Triangle Kimbap” hairstyle seen back in 2019. There is no doubt that Jungkook made it look absolutely iconic. Many ARMYs were completely obsessed with the adorable hairstyle that many said resembled Kimbap, a Korean dish made from cooked rice.

Jungkook and his kimbap hair

On June 7 (KST), ARMY couldn’t believe their luck when Jungkook surprised them with a live broadcast. If it was exciting enough, the group’s youngest member was outside camping, and the environment with the rain and the fire was the perfect place to have a catch-up ahead of their comeback.


As well as talking about everything from his members’ visuals, marriage proposals, and more, Jungkook also discussed his hair and, particularly, that iconic “Kimbap” hairstyle.

Ah, there was this time when my hair looked like a triangle kimbap…

— Jungkook


Although ARMY loved it, it seems as if the longer it got, the more the staff was trying to get the idol to cut it to maintain it and make it look good.

Back then, it just kept growing, so the staff told me to get it trimmed a bit and said it would look better.

— Jungkook


Yet, Jungkook then admitted that he didn’t actually listen to the staff and kept it growing out because he thought he knew the best way to maintain it. He then added that if he had listened to the staff back then, he would’ve had much prettier hair.

Despite still looking amazing, Jungkook then explained that because of the regrets he has of not listening to the staff, whenever he looks at the old pictures from that time, he doesn’t like the way he looked.


Yet, the “Triangle Kimbap” hair wasn’t the only iconic look Jungkook spoke about during the live broadcast. Recently, he left ARMY in awe when he suddenly sprouted a mullet in a Coway advertisement.

When asked about it, Jungkook cutely apologized for the look and added that he thought they were attached too early and that he actually wanted his to grow out more.

Although Jungkook might have regrets about it, ARMYs undoubtedly loved the adorable look and hopefully, it might make a comeback. If that does happen, Jungkook might take the staff’s advice about maintaining the look.

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