BTS’s Jungkook Unleashed The Artist In Him When He Gifted J-Hope Custom-Made Shoes

Just how does one get so talented at everything?!

BTS‘s Jungkook is truly the best “Golden Maknae”!

Along with all his talents of singing, dancing, rapping and sheer hardwork, he has now also shown his talents in the field of fine arts! Jungkook recently gifted J-Hope a pair of custom-designed Nike sneakers, and netizens are in awe of how artistically crafted it is, and how much it suits J-Hope!



J-Hope’s style has always been known to be more on the funky, street side, and Jungkook captured that perfectly in the designs on the shoes. He even wrote down J-Hope iconic line:


I’m your HOPE, You’re my HOPE, I’m J-HOPE!



Netizens have been marveling over Jungkook’s immense talents and his “golden hands”:

How does he have so many talents? Does he have god’s hand? He’s talented at his work, but he’s also talented in drawing too


It’s straight up Hobie ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  So cuteㅎㅎㅎ


He really portrayed his sunshine imageㅋㅋㅋ


Fans have also been open-mouthed at the synchronicity the two display together in the 2019 Melon Music Awards dance practice video of their iconic “Dionysus” performance, released on January 3.

These two friends are truly meant to be!


BTS is slated for a comeback in early 2020, and have also announced a tour in April of 2020.


Watch their much-awaited dance practice for “Dionysus” here!

Source: The Qoo