BTS’s Jungkook And V Reveal What Genres They Most Want The Group To Try Next

BTS are not ones to shy away from experimenting with other genres!

In a new interview for Amazon Music, Jaeki Cho interviewed BTS. He asked if there was a new genre they wanted to try in the future, perhaps continuing to explore outside of their comfort zone, particularly a genre that is not so familiar in K-Pop. As an example, he suggested reggaeton or dance hall.

Jungkook revealed that the rap line inspires him to want to try more styles, particularly in rapping. ARMYs have wanted to see the return of rapper Jungkook, so we couldn’t be more excited to hear that there might be a possibility!

For me, as a vocal, when I’m on the stage and I see rap members perform, I think it’d be nice to sing the way rap members deliver the lyrics.

— Jungkook

RM added, “Kind of like how Chris Brown or Justin Bieber raps.” Jungkook agreed, saying that’s what he was thinking.

So if there’s an opportunity in the future, I want to try something like that. …It would be depending on the content of the lyrics, but I do want to try out that kind of singing.

— Jungkook

RM encouraged Jungkook’s idea, saying that he believes he would be really good at that style. We agree; there’s nothing Jungkook can’t do!

Especially since there’s no solid boundary between singing and rapping nowadays.

— RM

V, who is a fan of classic music and jazz, said that he wants to try a “jazz-y” song with the group. If it’s anything like his solo “Singularity,” which had a jazz vibe with R&B and neo-soul, it’s bound to be good.

I want to try something jazz-y with our team. I think it’d be cool to sing like talking, whispering the melody…

— V

Like Jungkook, he said he would also like to try something similar to the rap line, delivering lyrics more “like talking.” Suga then offered to write V a bossa nova (a style of samba originating in Brazil). Everyone seemed excited about the possibilities, and we feel the same!

BTS is not one to shy away from exploring genres, especially with influence from other country’s genres. “Airplane Pt. 2” had a Latin-pop flavor that was well-received by ARMY, so we are expecting more unique fusions of genres from the group soon!

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Amazon Music