BTS’s V Crashes Jungkook’s Latest Weverse Live With TMIs…Just Because He Can

He’s wildin’ on Weverse!

They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but how about a bunny instead? Today BTS‘s Jungkook kicked off March with his first Weverse live of the month.

BTS’s Jungkook

As always, Jungkook turned his chat time with ARMY into a karaoke party with music, mood lighting–and a special guest?

BTS’s members have a hilarious habit of crashing each other’s broadcasts in person and online. Between Jinny’s Kitchen and dropping hints for his solo projects, has been busy, but not too busy to be his BFF’s fanboy.


During Jungkook’s one-man show, V dropped by the comments, announcing himself with a simple, “Hey.” 

| Weverse

Like ARMYs, V enjoyed Jungkook’s maknae antics and his sing-along to an eclectic playlist, including Chloe Moriondo‘s “Plastic Purse.” She’s screaming, ARMY’s screaming…

…and V’s laughing!

| Weverse

As expected, V couldn’t resist teasing Jungkook and entertaining fans. “Everyone, he’s drunk,” V wrote playfully.

| Weverse

He also pointed out this hilarious TMI that Jungkook wasn’t expecting.

This isn’t the first time BTS has turned Weverse Live into their own personal chat room, and it won’t be the last! For more, read about Jungkook’s latest flirtation with fans:

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