What Does BTS’s Jungkook Dream About At Night? Pure Magic

He shared his dreams in a new live broadcast.

BTS‘s Jungkook is living a life that most of us can only imagine. In fact, his waking world has become almost as magical as the world he visits in his dreams!


Today, Jungkook hosted a surprise solo broadcast from his Las Vegas hotel room. Here, he chatted with fans about the GRAMMYs, his members, and whatever else came to his mind, including a few vivid dreams.

In one of his dreams, Jungkook was filming a variety show with his members. This variety show, however, had a touch of magic. The sky was filled with stars unlike any found in reality. They were golden and “blooming” like fireworks or flowers.

Although Jungkook recalled being happy in that dream, the stars’ usual behavior also made him a little worried. What if something disastrous happened to Earth?

After looking up an interpretation for the dream, however, he believes it was a good sign foretelling blessings for himself or his loved ones. “I believe in things like that,” he said. “like fate.” 


Jungkook has also been lucky enough to do the impossible in his dreams: flying. In fact, he has dreamed of flying three times. In his first flying dream, Jungkook was aware that he was dreaming and became frustrated by its limitations, struggling to control his body during his flight. His second flying dream was similar.

Jungkook’s third flying dream might be his most magical dream of all. He flew much longer in this dream than the others, soaring through a cloudy, starry night over an ocean, while feeling the wind as if it was really there. During the dream, he met a fairy who shared a secret with him. If Jungkook memorized a particular spell, he wouldn’t have to wake up from his beautiful dream. He learned the spell perfectly and followed the fairy.

It doesn’t get much more magical than that!

Source: BTS