“OMG Jungkook At The VMAs!” — Fans Are Getting Creative To Include The BTS Member At The Awards Show

It’s almost like he’s really there! 😂

This year, more K-Pop artists than ever seem to be included both in the nominations and performances at the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards). With performances by both Stray Kids and TXT (who have both already taken home awards!), it seems that the music genre is slowly starting to gain more traction in the United States outside of just BTS and BLACKPINK.

Not only were numerous artists included in the “Best K-Pop” category, but other non-K-Pop categories included artists from the music genre too! This includes TXT in the “PUSH Performance of the Year” category and BLACKPINK in the “Best Choreography”, “Best Art Direction”, and “Best Editing” category for their “Pink Venom” music video.

BTS’s Jungkook was also nominated for “Song of the Summer” with his solo debut hit “Seven”. At this announcement, fans were hoping that he would possibly join the other K-Pop artists performing at the awards show, but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Jungkook (BTS)

Despite this, however, fans have gotten creative with how they’re “including” the BTS maknae at the 2023 VMAs, and some of their posts are hilarious!

From taking pictures of his photo at the event itself…

To making videos showing him on the red carpet…

It’s almost like he’s really there! 😂

In reality, though, he’s currently making fans swoon with his posts on Weverse during the awards show…

Fans are also amusing themselves imagining what he’s actually doing while the 2023 VMAs are going on.

Whatever he’s up to, we’re sure he’s having a good time even not being at the awards show!