Netizens Notice Something Special About BTS Jungkook’s Watch

Jungkook kept pulling his sleeves to show it off.

During BTS’ appearance on Good Morning America, netizens noticed Jungkook wearing a watch that turned out to be quite special.


Turns out, the watch was a custom-made gift from President Moon Jae In, which had the president’s own signature on it.

Only up to 1,000 of these watches are known to be pre-ordered each month and those who have received this special watch from President Moon Jae In include the bereaved families of the Sewol Ferry Incident, those who attended his 100th-day inauguration anniversary, etc.


The watch, a.k.a “The Innie Watch”, was given to BTS by the First Lady Kim Jung Sook when they were at the United Nations General Assembly to give their speech.


During the interview on Good Morning America, Jungkook could be seen subtly pushing the sleeves of his jacket back to show off their new gift.


And fans just couldn’t handle how cute he looked doing it.

“Jungkook came out wearing the Innie Watch and when it wasn’t showing because of his sleeves, he like pushed it like this and then moved it around here and there and made it so that it was showing! He’s so cuteㅠㅠㅠㅠ”

“Jungkook was so cute when he rolled back his sleeves to show off his Innie Watchㅠㅠ The president must be so happy ㅎㅎ They so deserve to receive it”

“What should I do I’m at work not working and smiling at Jungkook trying to show off his Innie Watch……Jungkook is seriously so cuteㅠ”


According to some fans, Jungkook was wearing the watch because he had won at a game of rock paper scissors and it seemed clear that he was extremely proud to be the one to be wearing it!

Source: Bridge News and Hankyorae