BTS’s Jungkook Adds Another “World’s Sexiest Man” Title To His Already Extensive List

The title is basically fact by now.

On Monday, December 14, the Italian weekly women’s magazine Grazia released their official list of the “Sexiest Men of 2020”. With only 12 spots on this list, it’s pretty exclusive and not an easy task to be ranked on!

This year, BTS member Jungkook was named as not only the only K-Pop idol on this list, but also the only Asian celebrity as well!

Out of the 12 men listed, Jungkook was ranked at #7 on the list. In the description of the post, the magazine says that they chose Jungkook out of all the members of BTS, and of all the K-Pop idols in the industry, because he was the first person to win People Magazine‘s “Sexiest International Man” title last month.

It was a new category for the magazine, and chosen based on poll results. He won the title over celebrities such as Keith Urban, Dan Levy, Paul Mescal, and Matthew Rhys.

While these specific titles are firsts for Jungkook, this isn’t the first time he’s been nominated and/or ranked on a “sexiest man” list before!

In 2018, Jungkook came out on top of Starmometer‘s “100 Sexiest Men in the World” list, beating 99 other nominees going for the title. Fans were able to vote on various social media sites for their favorite celebrity to win the title, and the BTS maknae ended up at #1!

In 2019, though he didn’t win the #1 spot again, he appeared once more on Starmometer’s list, as did fellow BTS members Jin, V, and Jimin. They all ranked within the top 40 on the chart!

Also in 2018, Jungkook was included in a list of “2018 Sexiest Men Alive” by Flare Magazine, which is a Canadian online fashion magazine.

In the past, BTS as a whole was also nominated for People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Chart Topper” category within their “Sexiest Man Alive” charts. Unfortunately they didn’t win this award – Harry Styles took the title – but just being nominated on its own was a pretty big deal!

Just which “sexiest man” chart will Jungkook rank on next?

Source: Grazia