BTS’s Jungkook Sweeps Jimmy Fallon’s “Zoom Olympics” With His Hidden Talents

The Golden Maknae is now a gold medalist.

BTS‘s Golden Maknae is now a gold medalist at the “Zoom Olympics”!

| Tonight Show/Youtube

No matter what the competition is, there’s a 99% chance Jungkook will win it. On Day 4 of The Tonight Show‘s “BTS Week” he proved, yet again, that his hidden talents are endless.

| Tonight Show/Youtube

Since BTS couldn’t guest on The Tonight Show in person, they competed in a new virtual game called “Zoom Olympics” with host Jimmy Fallon. In Round 1, the members paired off to pop in and out of the camera frame as quickly as possible to win “The Groundhog Challenge”.

In Round 2, they stacked up remotes for the “TV Remote Balance” challenge…

…and in Round 3 BTS dumped out as many guitar picks as they could for the “Guitar Pick Challenge”.

As expected, Jungkook passed each test with flying colors. He scored 26 points over Suga‘s 21 in Round 1…

…and stacked 6 remotes (one more than Jimin did) in Round 2.

In the final round, Jungkook shook out 49 guitar picks, beat RM by two points.

Is there anything he can’t do?

Watch the whole “Zoom Olympics” here: