BTS Jungkook’s Me, Myself, and Jung Kook “Time Difference” Special 8 Photo-Folio Gets Sold Out On Weverse Twice

ARMYs are clamoring for more restocks.

The havoc created by “Vampire Jungkook” continued, as preview photos of BTS Jungkook were shared to excite ARMYs further on the release of Me, Myself, and Jung Kook “Time Difference” Special 8 Photo-Folio.

Weverse opened the pre-selling for this particular Jungkook project, and the stocks were lapped up in minutes!

Weverse released a second batch of the photo-folio stocks, and sold out for the second time in a matter of minutes.

The photos of Jungkook released earlier could have pushed further the mad scramble for reservations of Jungkook’s photo folio. The photos shared through Bighit’s Twitter account promised that this photo folio would definitely be a collector’s piece, showing Jungkook’s alluring side in sleek, artistic shots.



Not all ARMYs were lucky enough to reserve their copy of the photo folio. Fans are clamoring for restocks, waiting for a chance to get a copy.


  • Weverse, please restock again Me, Myself and Jung Kook “Time Difference”.