ARMY Asked The King Of Norway To Bring BTS, Here’s What He Did

A king, a president, and BTS walk into a state banquet…

You know you’ve made it big when even royalty is talking about you!


On June 11, South Korean President Moon Jae-in arrived in Oslo for a state visit to Norway. The purpose of his visit was to discuss bilateral issues such as new energy, maritime affairs, and the Arctic.


While in Norway, President Moon also attended a state banquet with many high-ranking political figures, including King Harald V of Norway.


During King Harald V’s speech, he mentioned none other than BTS while discussing relations between Norway and South Korea. Norweigan ARMYs have been reaching out to him on social media in the hopes of bringing BTS to their country!

Many Norwegian students go to South Korea to study. Could it be because they like K-Pop? Many Norwegian fans have asked this question on social media; when will BTS come to Norway? This is not my area of expertise, but perhaps President Moon could provide the answer?

— King Harald V


That’s right. The King of Norway and the President of South Korea discussed BTS tour dates at a state banquet. If that doesn’t prove BTS are “kings” in their own right, nothing does!

Source: Korea Herald and Aju News