Korean First Lady Gifts BTS With Honorary Presents As Praise For Their Achievements

The gift was an honorary present regarding the Korean President.

BTS recently gave an inspirational speech at the United Nations General Assembly with UNICEF, where Korea’s first lady, Kim Jung Sook, was also in attendance.


BTS sat right next to the first lady, who congratulated them for all of their achievements so far. She revealed that she’s proud of the group.

“I’m so proud. I sincerely congratulate you.”

— Kim Jung Sook


She thanked them for helping the young adults of Korea navigate through the tough times in life. She explained how BTS’s music has inspired so many young generations.

“Through their music, BTS has become the spokesmen for young adults to have strength against the uncertainty and concerns regarding their future.”

— Kim Jung Sook


Kim Jung Sook also gifted each of the members with a custom-made watch that hold special meaning to the Korean President, Moon Jae In.


The watches are known to have his sign engraved in the front and “People first” engraved in the back.


What an honor for BTS as they continue to make history as change-makers!

Source: News1 and Hankook Ilbo