Why These Radio DJs Gathered to Analyze BTS and K-pop

What’s the reason behind BTS’s global success?

As BTS makes their name known internationally, a Japanese radio program took to analyzing just how BTS has made their global success.

On one of the biggest Japanese radio programs, “TOKIO HOT 100“, a number of radio hosts gathered to talk about globalization of Japanese music. To analyze how music becomes globalized, they looked to an example from Korea: BTS.

They discussed BTS’s many successes, especially in the US on the Billboard charts.

Korean artist, BTS, has hit first place on Billboard 200; they’re conquering the world.


One DJ spoke about how Japan lacked in utilizing the internet to its full potential in comparison to other countries.

He pointed out that K-pop artists upload entire music videos on the internet and they can be easily accessed. This elicits a lot of talk and buzz within the fan community and the public.

He specifically talked about BTS’s music videos as an example.

If you look at music videos, BTS puts a lot of money into them. To capture the world’s attention visually, they invest a huge amount.


He also mentioned BLACKPINK and their tactic involved in creating a music video.

BLACKPINK wears a lot of designer label apparel in their music videos. Depending on how you paint your presence on the internet, you can gain a lot of clicks.


Another DJ thought “passion” was the keyword to focus on. He pointed out that different to Japanese artists, K-pop artists perform by putting their all into the stage, and they do not try to hide their effort from the audience.

10 years ago, I saw BIGBANG and thought for the first time that men can become fans of boybands too. The members performed like there would be no tomorrow.

I think what gets through to everyone around the world is “passion”. With the addition of fashion [in K-pop], everyone gives off a cool and sexy vibe, regardless of gender.


Within 2018, K-pop has become a global hot topic, largely thanks to BTS and other artists paving the way. People all around the world are now paying attention.

Hopefully, 2019 will be just as great for K-pop!

Source: Daily Smart