BTS Has Reached An Insane New Milestone On Spotify That No Other K-Pop Artist Has

With over 250 songs on Spotify, this is especially impressive.

BTS has over 48 million followers on Spotify, far more than any other K-Pop artist on the music-streaming platform.

With so many people streaming their music on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that they have songs that have reached hundreds of millions — or even over a billion — streams.

| BigHit Entertainment

They currently have 253 songs on Spotify, including their remixes, Japanese versions, and other non-mainstream songs. Out of these, their 5 most-streamed are “Dynamite” (1.32 billion streams), “Butter” (836 million streams), “Boy With Luv” (835 million streams), “My Universe” (544 million streams), and “Fake Love” (524 million streams).

Reaching these kinds of numbers is impressive on its own, but BTS now has something else to be proud of when it comes to streaming. Out of their 253 songs on Spotify, all 253 songs have reached over 1 million streams!

While fellow K-Pop artist BLACKPINK also seems to have reached this milestone, they only have around 30 songs on the music streaming platform, so there are fewer songs for fans to listen to.

Popular BLACKPINK songs on Spotify

Along with this, 89 of BTS’s songs have also reached the 100 million streams mark, so fans are only 11 songs away from getting 100 songs to that milestone!

There’s no denying that BTS’s popularity and success are continuously reaching new heights, and we are living for it!