Lyft Celebrates BTS’s Las Vegas Concerts With Secret “Permission to Dance” Mode

They offered a couple of special codes for fans.

To celebrate BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Las Vegas, Nevada, the city has rolled out a big welcome to the group by turning purple. They weren’t the only ones feeling so festive.

The ride-sharing app Lyft rolled out a special mode for BTS fans to use, along with special codes for discounts on their rides.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

When opening the app, Lyft offered the code PTDLYFT to enter the secret “Permission to Dance” mode that turns all of the locations connected to BTS into purple hearts.

As soon as ARMYs entered the code to check it out for themselves, they also noticed the names of the locations had purple hearts beside them as well. That wasn’t the only surprise Lyft had in store for excited fans.

Lyft screen in “Permission to Dance” mode. | @BTSMerchUpdates/Twitter

Lyft also offered the code PTD2022 for fans to receive a ten percent discount on their rides to any of the BTS-related locations—including pop-up shops.

Not only are the BTS members receiving a warm welcome from the city, but ARMYs are being appreciated as well.

Source: FOX