A “Dynamite” BTS LEGO Set Is Coming, Here’s Everything We Know About It

Made by ARMY, for ARMY!

Do you like LEGO? Do you love BTS? These two worlds are about to collide in the best way! (And yes, ARMY, your wallet might suffer for it.)

LEGO Ideas employees | @LEGOIdeas/Twitter

After much deliberation, the LEGO Review Board has announced the five fan creations that will be launched as official LEGO products. Over the past four months, a total of 34 product ideas were reviewed, including one inspired by BTS’s “Dynamite” music video.


For their entry, Josh Bretz (JBBrickFanatic) and Jacob (BangtanBricks) recreated the “Dynamite” diner and characters, complete with BTS’s disco outfits. This LEGO set includes tiny details, such as BTS’s album covers in the Sweet Music window.


We’re absolutely excited to bring BTS, one of the most popular and influential bands to life in LEGO bricks through one of their biggest hits – “Dynamite”. The South Korean band has changed the landscape of pop music and transitioned into a global phenomenon with their fun, authentic music, top-notch performances and positive messages.

— LEGO Ideas

“I am a massive fan of BTS, and I wanted to combine my love for their music with my passion for LEGO,” Jacob said, in an interview with LEGO. “This model, in particular, is a recreation of one of their recent music videos that always cheers up my day.”


Josh Bretz, on the other hand, saw a niche in need of filling.


I saw the success of the music video itself, and knew this was a space that needed to be filled in the Ideas lineup. With such a dedicated fan base, the BTS Dynamite music video is just so iconic. I teamed up with my friend to make it the best it could be, and clearly, from the insane amount of support, I’d say we did a good job!

— Josh Bretz

This dynamic duo’s dream is coming true, but it wouldn’t have been possible without ARMY’s support. Jacob credits Josh with helping their team gain the support it needed. Josh created a TikTok that went “semi-viral.” 

At first, for the first 27 days or so I had a lot of trouble gaining traction on social media to get the attention of the BTS fandom (Called ARMY) and it was a real struggle to get to 81 supporters. But then one night Josh made a Tik Tok video to promote the set and it went semi-viral. We hit 700 supporters by the next morning and within 24 hours of that, we hit 7K. I believe our project has the largest growth spurt of any ideas project ever. After that, it only took a day or two to get the rest. So it’s hard to say if it took a month or 3 days.

— Jacob

LEGO hasn’t specified when the “Dynamite” set will hit shelves, but it’s sure to sell out when it does! Watch the music video that started it all here:

Source: LEGO Ideas and Brothers Brick

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