BTS Goes Black And White In New “Life Goes On” Teaser

BTS’s second teaser is here.

BTS has released their second video teaser for “Life Goes On”!

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

In the first teaser for this new music video for BE, BTS gathered around a campfire in their cozy, casual clothes, giving viewers a taste of what’s to come. “Life Goes On” MV promises to be a highly personal video that trades in grandeur for life’s simple wonders.

The second teaser, released at midnight on November 19 (KST), shows black and white photos of each member, matching their black and white aesthetic for the BE album. One of these photos shows the MV’s director, Jungkook, holding a camera.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube

BE will be released on November 20 at 2PM (KST). Check out the teaser here: