BTS And LINE FRIENDS’ BT21 Are Following In Their Fathers’ Footsteps With Comeback Song

BT21 are in their K-Pop era.

BT21 are following in their fathers’ footsteps…

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BTS‘s Jin officially enlisted on December 13, beginning his 18-month military service. So, we will not have an OT7 comeback until 2025.

From left: V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, and RM of BTS | @BTS_twt/Twitter

While the members have already been keeping us fed with solo content, such as RM‘s recent solo album Indigo, there is another group who will soon be making a comeback to help fill the void…


BTS and LINE FRIENDS‘ BT21 are not only celebrating their 5th anniversary since their debut.

It was also recently announced that BT21 would be making their comeback with the song “Would You.” A comeback schedule was released, detailing everything from MV teasers, poster reveal, the official song release, lyric video, and even a dance practice.

Based on the two teasers, we’re getting an upbeat hip-hop track reminiscent of BT21’s fathers, BTS.

CHIMMY also held a live broadcast, spoiling some of the new song. COOKY tried to stop it, though…

When the comeback was announced and the teasers were released, ARMYs were so excited. Many are promising to work as hard for BT21’s comeback as they would for BTS by streaming.

| @bt21_official/Instagram

Some are joking that BT21 are “the next BTS.” One notable difference is that while Jin is a vocalist, RJ appears to be a rapper.


Let’s not forget that Jin is quite skilled at rapping too… So, RJ inherited it from their dad!

Also, while some think “Would You” is BT21’s debut, it actually is not. BT21 had their debut stage in 2018. Since then, the members have even released solo projects.

Three years ago, BT21 collaborated with the worldwide famous Baby Shark.

ARMYs are wondering if TinyTAN will now make a comeback.

BT21’s “Would You” MV releases on December 22 at 7 PM (PST)/December 23 at 12 PM (KST).