Lizzo Called BTS’s Jimin And V “Sexy,” And Jimin Wants EVERYONE To Know It 

All the rumours are true!

Breaking news! BTS and Lizzo are winning at life and spoiling fans at the 2021 American Music Awards!

Left to right: Jungkook, Jimin, Lizzo, V, and J-Hope | @lizzobeeating/Instagram

Like Lizzo’s song says, all the “Rumors” are true! It’s no secret that this superstar is a huge fan of BTS. In particular, Lizzo stans JiminV, and their beautiful friendship. She let the whole world know just how much she loves them by wearing this “VMIN” shirt to perform BTS’s song “Butter.”

Recently, Lizzo finally met BTS’s members in Los Angeles, at Harry Styles’ concert. They danced to the music and took several photos together.

Jimin, V, and Lizzo | @lizzobeeating/Instagram

On the AMAs‘ red carpet, Access Hollywood asked BTS about what it was like to hang out with their “bestie” Lizzo. As expected, the members had nothing but good things to say.

| @lizzobeeating/Instagram

“She was really attractive,” RM said, translating for Jimin. He added, “And we actually took a little photo with her. And actually, we heard that…Lizzo is especially a fan of these two guys.” 

Jimin had something very important to add to that…

…and RM was happy to translate it. “She told these guys, ‘You guys are sexy.'”

“Do we have little love connection with Lizzo coming?” the interviewer teased. “Just friends! Just friends.” Jimin’s reaction is the only answer we need!

Watch the clip here:


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