BTS’s Long-Awaited Commercial With Filipino Brand SMART Finally Drops, And Fans Can’t Get Enough

It’s a must-see!

Filipino ARMYs, the long wait is finally over! Wireless communications brand SMART has, at long last, launched their campaign with top boy group BTS. The brand had been teasing the collaboration for several months now, much to the excitement of fans.

In the video, the boys groove along to the beat of their hit song “Dynamite.”

Although shorter than the original, it could almost be mistaken as a second music video! The beautiful, intricately decorated sets would make any viewer do a double take.

Inspirational signs with the word “keep” at the start appear in subtle areas throughout the video.

As expected of BTS, the response of fans is overwhelming! They were touched by the meaningful approach the commercial took with the addition of inspirational messages.

Fans also loved the sweet interactions between the members…

…not to mention how handsome they all looked!

In case you missed it, you can view the breathtaking commercial below.

Source: Smart Communications