BTS Lost It When V Revealed Why His Vocal Teacher Used To Scold Him

Jimin was enjoying it the most 😂

During BTS‘s fun interview with E NOW‘s Sakshma Srivastav, the members couldn’t help but laugh when V shared a story about being scolded by his vocal teacher.

V | HYBE Labels

When the interviewer moved onto V, she couldn’t forget to shower him with praise for his deep vocals, taking the kind words right out of ARMYs’ mouths. The compliments were so sweet that even J-Hope and RM were smiling.

When Sakshma Srivastav asked V if his vocals were “worked on and polished” or if he was “born with” it, V initially played coy by shrugging his shoulders.

You have a beautiful voice, and it has the power to make the listener feel a lot of emotions. And, it’s sexy. It’s just amazing and just keeps getting better and better with time.

— Sakshma Srivastav

With a smile, V shared that he didn’t always receive such high praise. He admitted, “My vocal teacher used to scold me because of how I sang.

V then shared how he turned his luck around, “But, I worked hard on improving myself and turned it into my advantage.” V wasn’t the only one who remembered the scoldings.

Jimin burst into laughter as he bent forward. RM and Jungkook couldn’t keep straight faces either, Jin cracking a small smile as well.

Since BTS were together long before they debuted, they have plenty of moments to look back on and laugh at—especially when they weren’t as experienced as they are now.

Now that V is known worldwide for his beautiful voice and amazing vocal skills, he’s the one winning. Watch him mention how the scoldings only pushed him to succeed.