BTS Said “I Love You” In Filipino—But RM Thought It Meant Something Else

Well, we still love it!

BTS recently made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the fifth week in a row with “Butter.”

To celebrate, they sat down and had a casual and fun live broadcast with ARMYs.

BTS | @wintersweet_30/Twitter

With comments pouring in from all around the world, the members read lucky ones and responded. Filipino ARMYs immediately perked up when spotted the sentence “Mahal ko kayo.”

He said it aloud with RM and Jimin following suit. It was a meaningful few seconds for Pinoy fans as the words meant “I love you” in the native language.

As most of the members forgot what they stood for, J-Hope asked aloud, “What does that mean?” With full confidence, RM gave the wrong answer!

Doesn’t it mean ‘Thank you’?

— RM

The small mistake was endearing to fans who knew that “Thank you” was actually “Salamat” and not “Mahal kita.” Of course, they were just happy to hear their language being spoken in such a sweet way.

They playfully corrected RM and sent their love right back.

This is not the first time the group gave such a shoutout to Filipino ARMYs. They previously read comments during live broadcasts and expressed their love for them.

I love you.

— RM

Whether it’s in broadcasts, concerts, or video footage, Filipino fans keep on winning!

Source: FI