BTS Shares What “Love Yourself: Answer” Means To Them

This is how much “Love Yourself: Answer” means to the group.

BTS sat down with Billboard for an interview about the long journey they’ve traveled with the “Love Yourself” series that finally came to its last segment after 2.5 years.

“This is the final conclusion of the big series that we had for 2 years and a half.”

— RM


All throughout the series, BTS tried to tell the story of a young man who grows up to learn the ultimate lesson in love: “Loving yourself is where true love begins.

“We tried to show the emotional development of a young man through love.

We tried to send the message that loving yourself is where true love begins.”

— RM


They finally finished the series and they knew they had to end it all with a big celebration in “Love Yourself: Answer”. That’s how “IDOL” was born!

“To finish this whole series, we just tried to kick off a celebration and enjoy the process – and love ourselves, as well.”

— RM


Not only does “IDOL” hold a lot of meaning for BTS, but the whole album in general. It’s best put in the words of J-Hope…

“Great album! Good!”

— J-Hope


All throughout their “Love Yourself” series, BTS earned the title of global superstars. Although they are grateful for the love and support, they ultimately give the credit to their wonderful fans, ARMY!

“Big words are always good. You know, like ‘history’ and ‘first K-Pop’ and ‘stadium’, but it’s more than that.

ARMY made it all possible. That’s true and we must not forget that fact.”

— RM