BTS Lures In Over 200k New Customers For Lotte Duty Free Shop

BTS helps big time with customer acquisition for Lotte.

With the announcement that BTS will be performing at the upcoming 30th Lotte Duty Free Shop Family Concert, Lotte has seen an explosion in new customers.

BTS, TXT, Hwang Chi Yeol, Gfriend and Lee Hyun will headline the upcoming concert on September 27.

A spokesperson for Lotte stated that between August 31 and September 6, over 200,000 new accounts were created on the online store. This number is seven times larger than last year’s new registrants for the same time period.

| GQ Japan

Southeast Asia, home to millions of BTS fans, accounted for 45% of new registrants, with Korea coming in second at 30%, followed by Japan at 9%.

The largest age group of new customers were in their 20s, accounting for 35%. Teenagers made up 31% of the new registrants, with people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s rounding out the rest at 18%, 12% and 4% respectively.

Lotte noted that unlike previous years where Korean and Chinese people constituted the majority of new customers, this year saw a huge influx of people from Southeast Asia. Another key difference is that registering automatically allows one to view the concert, whereas in previous years viewership was tied to purchases.

| Big Hit Entertainment

The concert will be held on September 27 on YouTube. Registration is available on the Lotte Duty Free website until September 25. Watch the trailer video here: