BTS Remind Us That They Are Lurking On Stan Twitter As They Reference ARMYs’ Memes In “‘Permission to Dance’ Anywhere”

They definitely see everything…

BTS has released a new video titled “‘Permission to Dance’ Anywhere.” It features the members doing the song’s choreography in a variety of locations, such as the original music video’s set or a packed-out arena, with the help of modern technology (green screen).

Other locations include some of the members’ iconic posts that they have previously shared on social media with ARMYs. This includes photos that ARMYs had made into memes. Recently, an old photo of leader RM went viral. The photo features the rapper in black-and-white, chilling outside with their concert banner. He originally uploaded the photo on October 25 of 2019, which was the last day of the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour concert in Seoul, also known as the last official concert that fans attended in-person because of COVID-19.

BTS’s RM | @BTS_twt/Twitter

For whatever reason, this year, it started circulating on Twitter again but with an edit that showed RM outside, resting against a lamp pole instead. Many ARMYs posted with captions about the boyfriend vibes the photo radiated.

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ARMYs also reshared the meme with POV captions, such as “Going outside of your house, you saw Namjoon waiting for you…” Similar variations of the same concept of “Namjoon waiting outside” were all over ARMYs’ Twitter feeds for days.

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Now, we have a new edit after all of this time. In BTS’s “‘Permission to Dance’ Anywhere” video, at one point, Jimin appears dancing in front of the original picture of RM.

Since watching the video, ARMYs have been posting screenshots and teasingly commenting that Jimin saw “delulu” (delusional) tweets and has come to bring correction. Guess we know now who RM was truly waiting for all of this time. 😅✋

Similarly, near the end of the video, BTS appear together, dancing, in front of their Billboard Hot 100 chart No. 1’s. This is also reminiscent of popular edits that ARMYs do themselves whenever BTS receives a new achievement on the chart.

It definitely appears that BTS might be lurking on stan Twitter after all. But, this wouldn’t be the first time. So, once again, be cautious with what you post!

Check out the full video below:

Source: BANGTANTV and Image