Louis Vuitton Jumps On The ARMY Wagon With Its Latest Instagram Stories Swooning Over BTS

Totally understandable behavior, tbh.

On August 29, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton shared a series of Stories on their official Instagram account of 39+ million followers…

… featuring individual pictures of BTS members!

BTS’s Jin. | @louisvuitton/Instagram

These pictures, from BTS’s recent “Dynamite” press conference…

BTS’s Suga. | @louisvuitton/Instagram

… capture BTS — dressed to impress…

BTS’s J-Hope. | @louisvuitton/Instagram

… in Louis Vuitton’s FW2020 collection of menswear.

BTS’s RM. | @louisvuitton/Instagram

Louis Vuitton marked each story with the hashtags “#BTS in #LVMenFW20″…

BTS’s Jimin. | @louisvuitton/Instagram

… proudly fanboying at the superstars draped in their chic designs.

BTS’s V. | @louisvuitton/Instagram

Likewise, ARMYs can’t keep their eyes off BTS modeling the heck out of Louis Vuitton either.

BTS’s Jungkook. | @louisvuitton/Instagram

Many praised BTS for their out-of-this-world godly physiques, which surely made the classy-AF LVMenFW20 collection look even sexier.

  • “Wow, they all look amazing. Jin’s face is so handsome that he makes his relatively simple outfit look fancy as hell.”
  • “They look great, seriously… Look how their bods make the outfits look even sexier. I love Suga’s look the most. So elegant!”
  • “It blows my mind how J-Hope and V made those extra-AF ruffles work.”
  • “I have to say, the members who wore the ruffle outfits get extra points for pulling them off. Like… Who else could make those look that good? They’re superstars.”
  • “Every one of them looks breathtaking.”
  • “Jimin and Suga look incredible. RM is also f*cking gorgeous.”
  • “Jungkook’s suit fit just sends me. That must be the Louis Vuitton jacket that he sold out in less than 20 minutes…”

Of course, this isn’t the first time BTS x LV turned out to be too good to be true. Check out their 2019 match made in fashion heaven.

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Source: THEQOO and Louis Vuitton