BTS Earned A Jaw-Dropping $20.3 Million In Just 4 Days

BTS has taken the No.1 spot on Billboard’s list.

BTS” doesn’t stand for “Bringing The Sales”, but it easily could. In 2019, these once-underdogs are now rolling in gold!


According to Billboard, BTS’s Love Yourself: Speak Yourself stadium tour has grossed $99.3 million in total since it kicked off on May 4 in Los Angeles.


BTS’s US shows previously earned them the top spot on Billboard’s Hot Tours recap for May. BTS outsold the second-highest grossing act, Metallica by over $23 million and 94,000+ tickets. P!NKSpice Girls, and Ariana Grande also ranked in the top 5.


On July 30, Billboard released a new Hot Tours recap (dated August 3). This chart reveals the Top 10 highest-grossing ticket sales from 2019’s top tours reported by Boxscores from July 23 to 29.  In July, BTS held two shows in Osaka, Japan (July 6-7) and two in Shizuoka, Japan (July 13-14).


In total, they sold 208,707 tickets and grossed $20,318,927! This puts BTS in first place on the current Hot Tours recap, ahead of Ed Sheeran ($14,439,750), Michael Bublé ($13,825,556), Hugh Jackman ($13,296,965), and Paul McCartney ($9,651,835).


The No. 5 to No. 10 spots went to Billy Joel ($8,679,365), Elton John
($8,273,940), Shawn Mendes ($7,024,966), Def Leppard ($3,620,223), and Jennifer Lopez ($2,980,082).

Source: Billboard